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02 December 2018

lead story - Grandma mistakenly booked into all-male jail, staff thought she was transgender



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ezs note:  Ah, what dumbasses these Florida, ahem, "correctional' officers are.   Listen, you may have been told that this is still the 17th century, but things a bit past that now.  In this century, females - cis or trans - go to the female jail.  I know that you long for the days of horsewhipping, but, hey, we all have to get over things.

01 July 2018

lead story - BBC left STUNNED after secret survey reveals 417 of its staff are TRANSGENDER

Paul Withers
Sunday Express


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ezs note:  Oh, I'm shocked, shocked.

15 May 2017

21 November 2015

Students and staff honor victims of transgender violence at vigil

Rishika Dugyala

The Daily Northwestern


04 October 2015

02 June 2015

Trans Woman Says Jail Staff Ridiculed And Mocked Her During Pat Down

24 March 2015

Russia Loses Bid To Deny Benefits To Spouses Of Gay U.N. Staff



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18 July 2014

HRC Staff and Supporters Participate in Transgender Lobby Day

Jacob Tobia

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ezs note:  If you live in or near any of the 50 state capitals, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Marianas Islands, or Guam, don't be shy - lobby!  The only thing "professional" lobbyists get is the almighy dollar.  You can do it too!

18 August 2010