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23 July 2017

Community vigil seeks justice for transgender woman slain in 2015

Chueyee Yang
The Fresno Bee

K.C./Casey Haggard and unknown assailant


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ezs note:  Granted, it's been a bit of a long time, but if you lived or worked in Fresno, California and you have any information, please call Fresno police at 553-621-7000.  Thanks.

15 July 2017

25 March 2017

13 November 2015

Breakthrough for transgender rights included in Justice mandate (Canada)

Claire Wahlen


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18 October 2010

Transgender rights defenders look forward to justice in Turkey (Hurriyet Daily News [Turkey])

Leading human rights organizations urge Turkey to investigate the attack against transgender rights activists by police in Ankara in May.(more above)