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16 April 2018

civil rights - Leaders and Advocates: Duncan and Vitter Are Unfit to Serve as Judges in Louisiana

Shin Inouye
The Leadership Conference


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25 March 2017

06 March 2017

GOP House Leaders Look to Stall Transgender Protections Bill

Kathleen Ronayne
US News & World Report


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ezs note:  Please, if you live in New Hampshire, call your state legislator and state senator to let them know that you are for transgender rights.  Thanks!

12 June 2016

Connecticut Leaders React with Shock to Orlando Terror Attack

Kathleen McWilliams, Stephen Singer, and Mara Lee
Hartford Courant

reactions from Connecticut...


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03 May 2016

22 March 2015

11 November 2014

Rollins: As gays gear up, where are Springfield leaders?

Jess Rollins

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ezs note:  Wherever official meetings are being held, don't be absent and don't be silent! Your knees may shake a little, but not as much as the "officials"!