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24 March 2020

Wyoming - Transgender worries threaten female genital mutilation ban

Andrew Graham
Northern Wyoming News

Powell, WY

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ezs note:  Oh, bruther.  The 'controversy' would be calmed if people understood the difference between transgender women and cisgender women.  The first are done by medically proficient doctors; the second are not done by doctors at all.  As far as cisgender girls and women go, the female genital mutilation is horrid, and the 'doctors' should be jailed.   On the other hand, transgender women should take care that the surgeon is medically certified. 

14 August 2019

Alaska - Women’s shelter can't be punished for denying access to men who identify as female, court rules

Michael Gryboski
The Christian Post

Anchorage, AK

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ezs note:  Aw, we're just helpin' to promote "Christian" values...

Maybe liberal Christian/liberal Jewish/atheist organizations could come together for the homeless rather than have this shithole do the "work"... 

08 May 2019

lead story - One of the two suspects in the Colorado school shooting is female, reportedly transgender

Zachary Halaschak
Washington Examiner

Caïn, Henri Vidal, 1896

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ezs note:  Okay... if the results prove to be true, we all need to take a deep breath.  Remember, there are constructive ways to move this country forward.  This is not an exhaustive list; it's just a sampling:

  • If you are old enough (18) REGISTER and VOTE
  • Speak at your local library
  • Bug your Congressperson (email/snailmail/in person)
  • Peacefully protest
  • If your man/woman is a douche, remember, you can run

07 December 2018

lead story - Virginia teacher fired for referring to transgender student as female

Karma Allen
ABC News

West Point, VA


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ezs note:  Okay.  Mr. Vlaming is a devout Christian, I don't doubt that.  Tell me, sir, how many times does Jesus say that teachers address their students?  I'll give you a hint:  HE DOESN'T.  No matter priests or ministers contort this simple fact, it still remains a fact.  I feel for those students who like Mr. Vlaming, but his buffoonish behavior merits his dismissal. 

07 August 2017

Jillian Bearden, first female transgender cyclist...

Jason Blevins
The Denver Post


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19 December 2016

Female and Transgender Troops Fear Exclusion in Trump’s Pentagon

Dan De Luce and Paul McLeary


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17 September 2016

Army chiefs applaud 'courage' of Britain’s first female infantry soldier who revealed she was born a boy (UK)

Lexi Finnigan
The Telegraph


02 January 2016

30 May 2015

Transgender prisoners in Rio given choice between male or female prison (Australia)

ABC (Australia)


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25 April 2015

Bruce Jenner Comes Out As Transgender

Cavan Sieczkowski

The Huffington Post


23 February 2015

Santa Rosa transgender man struggles to get surgeries covered


The Press Democrat