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19 February 2020

civil rights - The battle over gender in Flagler Schools

Jonathan Simmons

Palm Coast, FL

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ezs note:  It's true that Charlene Cothran has the right to show up and speak... but you do too!!!  Don't let hers be the only one.  

12 November 2019

lead story - What the battle over a 7-year-old trans girl could mean for families nationwide

Katelyn Burns

Coppell, TX

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ezs note:  I was reading this article when this wonderful little whopper showed up:

Up until this point, he (Younger) had been allowed to see his kids once a week for two hours and on the first, third, and fifth weekends of each month since 2017, though court testimony indicates he frequently skipped his visitation days.  (emphasis mine)

Yeah, great to see your kids.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
(Thank you, Katelyn)

25 September 2018

26 August 2018

Texas - VIDEO: VICE on HBO Documents The Battle Over Transgender Rights In Texas, Watch Trailer Here


Austin, TX


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22 July 2018

24 June 2018

civil rights - Transgender rights battle returning to North Carolina court

Jonathan L. Drew
Tampa Bay Times

Federal Building, Raleigh, NC


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10 May 2018

North Carolina - A year after the HB2 repeal, NC transgender students battle discrimination

Danielle Chemtob
The Daily Tar Heel

Sir Walter Raleigh, looking fabulous


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31 October 2017

Out for votes: Battle over rights inspires more U.S. transgender candidates

Letitia Stein


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ezs note:  Whether or not you are lucky enough to vote for one of the transgender candidates, you are lucky enough to make your voice heard - if you are registered.  If you live in one of the states where you still can, please do so immediately. Election Day is Tuesday, November 7. 

06 September 2016

22 August 2016

01 November 2015

Gay rights battle flares in Houston over nondiscrimination ordinance

Sandhya Somashekhar
The Washington Post


ezs note:  If you live in Houston, Texas, please vote YES on HERO!

07 July 2015

LGBT Community Prepares For Next Step In Gay Rights Battle



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14 June 2014