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20 March 2019

lead story - Japan urged to stop transgender sterilization requirement

NBC News

Emperor Jimmu (~660 BCE)


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15 October 2018

13 February 2018

22 July 2017

Republican Bill Would Stop Civil Rights Protections for Trans People

Andrew Philips


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17 July 2017

Republican bill would re-write civil rights laws to stop protecting trans people (UK)

Nick Duffy
Pink News


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ezs note:  These folks are particularly vile.  When one of them gets an opponent, it might be wise to consider a donation. Granted, it's early, but the earlier the better.  If you live in one of these districts, please pay special attention.

25 March 2016

State Farm Latest Company to Stop Donating to N.J. Rep. Garrett

Robert Schmidt

Insurance Journal


07 May 2014

''Walking While Woman'' and the Fight to Stop Violent Policing of Gender Identity

 Mike Ludwig

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ezs note:  You can make a difference as to how policing is done in your community. Go to the next town or city council meeting and ask how policing is carried out.  If they seem reticent, keep on bugging them!  If they still seem bullheaded, you can run!