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02 April 2020

More Covid-19 (coronavirus) information



ezs note:  Here is a more thorough information on COVID-19 (coronavirus)  You can find it here

In case you find yourself a little too relaxed, just remember that COVID-19 was found in my apartment building!!!  Be safe. 

As always, please feel free to distribute this information widely.  WHO and CDC are working triple-time to give you the latest, so it only makes sense to take of it.  

22 March 2020

More COVID-19 (coronavirus) quackery


ezs note:  This is a short piece, but it could have vital information.  Wikipedia has some coronavirus information regarding quackery hereIt also has some information from WHO (World Health Organization) hereOnce again, please spread this information as far as possible.  Thanks.

12 September 2019

Florida - Florida education news: Charter schools, transgender rights, public comment and more

Jeffrey S. Solochek
Tampa Bay Times

Sen. Samuel Pasco
Pasco County

please press:

ezs note:  If you live within Pasco County, Florida, and you're pissed off about a scrapping of 'best practices' guide, write an email, or better yet, go to a board meeting and talk there.  Hey, conservative folks have a hearing - but they don't have a right to a monopoly.  Let your voice be heard.

19 January 2019

23 February 2016


Credit (upper):

10 June 2015

South Dakota activities group seeks more changes to transgender high school athlete policy

James Nord
Daily Journal


19 April 2015