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22 September 2019

Montana - Billings City Council to look at non-discrimination ordinance again


Billings, MT

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ezs note:  Central southern Montana - if you, or someone you know lives in Billings, persuade or go (if you live in the city itself) to the Billings City Council and politely but firmly to vote YES on the bill.  Thanks.

26 December 2018

19 August 2018

lead story - ‘I Don’t Feel Safe Living Here.’ After Threats From Parents, a Transgender Girl's Family Is Moving. Again.

Katie Reilly

Visit lovely Achille, OK!


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14 November 2017

Civil rights commission tables bias ruling again

Karen Bouffard
The Detroit News


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11 January 2017

Donald Trump vs. CNN. Again.

Callum Borchers
The Washington Post