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19 January 2020

Indiana - Indiana Republicans have introduced two bills targeting transgender & non-binary people

Daniel Villareal
LGBTQ Nation

Evansville, IN

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ezs note:  If you live in Indiana, please call your state representative and state senator and urge her/him to defeat both bills (SB 74 and HB 1088).  Thanks.

23 March 2019

Nigeria - Nigeria: Non-Binary Transgender Author Akwaeke Emezi's Debut Novel Explores Multiplicity

Kylie Kiunguyu

All Africa

Abuja, Nigeria


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19 October 2018

22 September 2017

20 August 2017

Connecticut colleges work to accommodate transgender, non-binary students in safe learning environment

Brian Zahn
New Haven Register

Connecticut flag


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ezs note:  Did you know that Connecticut has one of the friendliest transgender campuses - private or public - of any state in the union?  It may be a little late, but this might be good if you are considering transferring.  Hell, you might like living here after you graduate!  (As opposed to - *ahem* - North Carolina)  

17 August 2017

25 May 2017