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28 March 2019

UK - UK To Open Separate Jail For Transgenders After Several Cases Of Attack By Inmates

Kriti Gupta

Banstead, UK
(future home of HMP Downview)


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25 January 2019

Nebraska - Nebraska Supreme Court tosses lawsuit over death penalty referendum, says inmates have other options to challenge sentences

Lori Pilger
Lincoln Journal-Star

Lincoln, NE
Thomas P. Kennard House


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ezs note:  The two may seem unrelated, but John L. Lotter, one of the unsuccessful petitioners in the case, was convicted of killing Brandon Teena, a transgender male. You can see the true story reenactment in Boys Don't Cry. (with Peter Sarsgaard as John Lotter)

05 October 2018

Utah - Barron: Utah Needs to do More to Protect Vulnerable Inmates

Morgan Barron
The Daily Utah Chronicle

Wasatch State Prison
Draper, UT


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28 March 2015