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02 February 2019

23 October 2018

Maryland - The Baltimore Sun investigated 2 years of hate incident reports in Maryland. Here's what we found.

The Baltimore Sun


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ezs note:  Ugh... this article saddens, angers and disgusts me. But I think this article is really important too.  If you see ugly hate speech (or worse) REPORT IT.

08 March 2018

13 October 2017

We Cannot Remain Silent

David J. Johns
Los Angeles Blade


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07 July 2017

Transgender People Targeted With Paintball Attacks In Philadelphia

Dan Avery


paintball rifle


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ezs note:  If you happen to see who was firing the paintball rifle/handgun, please call the Philadelphia Police Department at 215-686-TIPS.  They were driving a silver Infiniti.  Thanks.

18 November 2015

31 August 2013

Contractor Status Complicates Workplace Sexual Harassment

 Alissa Fleck

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ezs note: If you are part of the 97 percent that believes that they are sexually harassed while at work, please contact a competent lawyer as soon as possible and describe the situation.  I don't care if you are VP of operations or a burger flipper.  You have rights.  You have dignity.  And anyone who infringes on those rights deserves to have their butt kicked.