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15 March 2019

Give to the Alzheimer's Association!


ezs note:  Let me tell you a little story.  When I met my uncle Ray, he was, unquestionably, a kind, decent man.  No, he was not President of the United States.  He was not the governor.  He was a mailman.  Yet every one of those high offices - Republican or Democrat -  would kill to have that level of decency.  I was out of touch with him for a while, until yesterday when I got the sad news that he had contracted Alzheimer's disease.

For Ray, things are not that good.  But you can help - even a little bit - by donating to the Alzheimer's Association here.  


09 May 2014

Why We Still Give

Roger Doughty

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ezs note:  Give a little.  Give a lot. Give anywhere in between.  But above all, GIVE.  It will help!

04 May 2011