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30 October 2016

23 October 2014

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I really like Emily's Virtual Rocket.  From my cozy little nest, I can let you know what's happening around the transgender world.  Literally! When I can tell you about the transgender woman who won a tremendous victory, (courtesy of Emily Wax-Thibodeaux  and The Washington Post) I cheer along with you.

But I can't see it all.

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28 May 2013

Coroner: ‘It seems nothing has been learned from Leveson...’: Inquiry into sex change teacher’s suicide critical of ‘Daily Mail’ and Richard Littlejohn


27 March 2013

Transgender Teacher Kills Self After Being Bullied By Newspaper - Judy Molland -

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ezs note:  This hits close to home, though the ocean separates us. No one deserves what Lucy Meadows got in Richard Littlejohn's vituperative attack.  Please, if you find yourself depressed or suicidal, seek counseling immediately!  I promise things will get better.

As far as Mr. Littlejohn goes, yes, he should be fired.  Then shipped to an Antarctic island.