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14 June 2018

Thailand - Thai transgender women share their truths about social acceptance

Annie Kuo
International Examiner

Angkor, Thailand


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10 March 2018

13 January 2018

Thailand - The life of a transgender boxer in Thailand

Elianna Spitzer
The Week


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16 March 2017

Thailand tries out a special wing for transgender inmates

Axel Kronholm
The Spokesman-Review

scene in Thailand


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18 January 2017

Transgender Activist Breaks Barriers to Education in Thailand

NBC News


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21 February 2016

06 August 2015

25 June 2015

Bangkok University introduces gender-inclusive uniform policy

Tanaz Ahmed
USA Today


03 October 2014

Analysis of PrEP Data Shows High Adherence in U.S., and Among Most at Risk of HIV

Barbara Jungwirth

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ezs note:  Be safe!!!  If you are a sexually active transgender person -- or you're just thinking about it -- the time to start taking Truvada is NOW.  Read the directions on the box or  bottle twice.  You'll be happy AND healthy!