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05 January 2019

West Bank - Airbnb: Bed and Breakfast on Homophobic Land

Hen Mazzig
Jewish Journal

Hebron, West Bank


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11 September 2017

05 May 2017

Stephen Colbert to be investigated by FCC after 'offensive' Trump joke (UK)

The Guardian


ezs note:  Homophobic???  Ya gotta be f***ing kidding me...

03 December 2016

This woman took on her homophobic neighbour with 10,000 LGBT Christmas lights (UK)

Meka Beresford

Pink News


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11 November 2016

14 August 2015

Transgender people face high suicide risks

Laura Ungar
The Courier-Journal


ezs note:  If you or someone you know is feeling desperate or suicidal, there is something you can do!  Seek counseling from a competent professional.  One way to tell is seeking professionals from the American Psychological Association.  Another way is to seek out Schools in Transition.  Although it's a handbook for parents and teachers, students from 9 to 12 will find it equally valuable.

18 May 2015

Alleged homophobic remarks from city manager prompts Riverdale employee to create activist group

Cailin O’Brien


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22 March 2015

Homophobic attacks increase in seemingly gay-friendly Brazil

Los angeles times


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20 June 2014

Uganda defiant at US sanctions over 'vile' anti-gay law

*** click HERE for more **

ezs note:  Keep the pressure UP!  Let the ambassador that you will not countenance such vile and monstrous laws being  passed, and let your Congressperson know that letters or e-mails do make a difference!  Change Uganda's mind!