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08 October 2018

Albania - Sheltering Albania’s Gay Youth from Virulent Homophobia

Boris Dittrich
Human Rights Watch

Butrint, Albania


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25 September 2018

23 April 2017

26 October 2015

Dispatches: The Courage to Combat Indonesia’s Homophobia

Kyle Knight
Human Rights Watch


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27 August 2014

Would you support homophobia? (Peru)

Agnes Rivera

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ezs note:  Emily's Virtual Rocket has relatively few people in Peru, but those of you with friends in Peru might encourage them to make a small (or big!) donation AGAINST Mr. Pandoro in his campaign for mayor.  

18 May 2014

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon: It is everyone’s responsibility to speak out against homophobia (UK)

Nick Duffy

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ezs note:  If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or allied straight, and some knucklehead spouts his/her garbage, don't remain silent - SPEAK UP!!!