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06 November 2019

civil rights - Nashua man banned from Planet Fitness after objecting to transgender woman's locker room choice

Doug Alden
New Hampshire Union-Leader

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ezs note: There's a wee misunderstanding from the use of the word "object" in the title.  Mr. Bernier did not "object".  He threatened to "kill" her.  Several times.  

20 February 2018

25 September 2017

Boyertown students to appeal transgender bathroom ruling

Peter Hall
The Morning Call

two of Boyertown High's finest


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03 June 2017

Health club wins key ruling in lawsuit over transgender



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10 February 2016

11 January 2016

Lawsuit dismissed against Planet Fitness for transgender-friendly locker room policy

Bob Johnson


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ezs note:  Good!  I'm glad to see that this judge threw this daffy woman's suit out of his court.  

06 January 2016

31 December 2015

Missouri bill would restrict locker room use by transgender students

Durrie Bouscaren
St. Louis Public Radio


ezs note:  If you are from Missouri, please contact your legislator and tell him/her to vote NO to this idiotic bill.  Thanks. 

28 November 2015

Y defends transgender locker room policy

Bill Toscano


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