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25 January 2019

25 July 2018

lead story - Was she denied Communion because she’d been chewing gum — or because she’s transgender?

Tim Funk
The Herald


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18 February 2016

Just Because I'm Transgender Doesn't Mean I'm Brave

Bethany Grace Howe
The Huffington Post


12 September 2015

Lawsuit Claims Minn. Woman is Denied Health Care Because She's Transgender

Brett Hoffland


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21 March 2014


Straight people were mad because I was gay.  The dykes were mad because I wasn't gay enough.

     - Rita Mae Brown

'To Quote A Queer'

23 March 2011

Transgendered father gets prison time for beating kids because they won't call him 'mom' (New York Daily News)

(more in blue/above)
ezs note: This is, of course, a very troubling case.  (for example, the New York Daily 
News' moronic reporting style)  But suffice it to say she has no
right to beat, abuse, and/or starve her children.  EVER.