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25 April 2019

05 February 2019

Kansas - Meet the transgender activist suing the state of Kansas

Ciara Pate
University News

Topeka, KS


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16 December 2018

03 December 2018

08 September 2018

lead story - Will attacks on transgender South Carolinians lead to a state hate-crime law?

Bristow Marchant
The State

Orangeburg, SC


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ezs note:  South Carolinians - State Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter's bill is a damn fine one, and it deserves to be passed.  Please, do your part and call your state rep and state Senate and urge that it be passed.

14 August 2018

28 July 2018

The U.S. State of Delaware Becomes the 15th State to Ban LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy

Duane Paul Murphy
College Media Network

Dover, DE (Delaware State Capitol)


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ezs note:  Delaware residents - Actually, the headline is a bit of a misnomer.  Read the whole article - it prevents minors from using 'reparative therapy', but once the person turns eighteen, hey, have at it.  This crackpot 'therapy' is no better than Dr. Hobgoblin's Magic Elixir. 

26 July 2018

civil rights - State ordered to pay for 2 transgender surgeries


Madison, WI (off Lake Mendota)


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