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11 December 2019

West Virginia - Carmichael backs proposed LGBTQ non-discrimination act

Steven Allen Adams
The Weirton Daily Times

Weirton, WV

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ezs note: I know that there are Republicans who feel they are treated unfairly.  It's a bitter pill to swallow, but there are transgender people who are treated unfairly, even horribly.  But there are those like Mitch Carmichael who have championed transgender causes.  Well done, Mitch.

13 September 2017

The Pentagon Can’t Stop the Trans Ban. Now It’s Time for Congress and the Courts to Act.

Jan Thompson


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ezs note:  If you haven't yet joined, please consider joining the ACLU.  They're a worthy organization - and they fight for YOU.  

20 March 2016

The foolishness of “Religious Freedom” laws

Drew Heiderscheidt
The Mirror


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17 July 2015

EEOC: Civil Rights Act Includes LGBT Protections

George Prentice
Boise Weekly


ezs note:  To see the more complete document, see the complete EEOC ruling.

26 August 2010

Singapore native act out the lives of Asian transsexuals (Mysinchew [Singapore(?)])

NEW YORK, Thursday 26 August 2010 (AFP) - The life of a transexual (sic) in Asia is limited to sexual work -- such is the searing viewpoint of Singapore native Leona Lo, who traveled to New York to present a first-person, three-act play on the subject. (more above)