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02 February 2019

09 May 2018

California - California voter guide contains vile anti-trans screed

Trudy Ring


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ezs note: Californians - Look, I don't give a flying fart if you vote for Mickey Mouse - just DON'T vote for Trump lovin' Don J. Grundmann.  He's a lunatic.  He's a fraud.  Just like someone else we know...

20 November 2017

08 December 2015

Transgender charities get $20 million windfall to tackle anti-trans violence (UK)

Nick Duffy
Pink News


15 September 2015

How to Spot Anti-Trans Concern Trolls

Brynn Tannehill
The Good Men Project


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ezs note:  Wow - when certain people describe a particular situation as an "embarrassment of riches", they aren't kidding, are they?  To get the best out of Brynn Tannehill's article, use the first hyperlink.  In it, you will find a plethora of articles and studies that any knowledgeable person will squish "concern trolls" with.

"Embarrassing", isn't it?

17 May 2013

As the world's only transgender MP, I want to ensure our voices are heard
Anna Grodzka

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ezs note:  Please read MP Anna Grodzka's article in The Guardian.  It's very important and very seminal.