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17 February 2018

Donald Trump - President Claims Media Ignoring Certain Russia Facts, Evidence Notwithstanding

Greg Evans
Deadline Hollywood


please press:

21 October 2017

101 Facts About Donald Trump / Video


ezs note:  If you are going to be in Washington, DC on December 3, get more info here.

18 May 2017

21 December 2016

This holiday season, fight fear with facts – Mike Meno

Mike Meno
The News & Observer


30 May 2016

22 October 2015

Know the facts behind Houston’s HERO fight

Cece Cox
The Dallas Morning News


ezs note:  In Houston - and in cities and towns around the country - there are ballot measures around the country.  Don't overlook them!  In Houston, it is being referred to as the HERO measure.  Please vote YES on this measure.  And better yet, bring a friend!