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27 March 2019

08 March 2017

Lawmakers set to consider transgender discrimination bill

Andy Hershberger


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06 March 2017

GOP House Leaders Look to Stall Transgender Protections Bill

Kathleen Ronayne
US News & World Report


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ezs note:  Please, if you live in New Hampshire, call your state legislator and state senator to let them know that you are for transgender rights.  Thanks!

23 March 2013


I'm melting!  I'm melting! (The snow, that is!) Here's what's happening... Upminster, Havering, England... Manchester Township, New Jersey... Smyrna, Georgia... Mountain View, California... Troy,
Ohio... Bucha, Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine... Moorhead, Minnesota... Concord, North Carolina... Segovia, Castilla y Leon, Spain... Stony Brook, New York... Bixby, Oklahoma... Bloomington, Illinois...
Sunnyvale, California... San Francisco, California... Brooklyn, New York... Allentown, Pennsylvania... Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey... Chester, Maryland... Scottsdale, Arizona... Bagumbayan, Albay,
Philippines... Youngstown, Ohio... Los Angeles, California... Corvallis, Oregon... Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan... Nokia, Western Finland, Finland... Fredericksburg, Virginia... Fredericksburg, Virginia... San Antonio, Texas... Lagos, Nigeria... Lawrenceville, Georgia... Miami, Florida... Aldershot, Hampshire, England, UK... Birmingham, Alabama... Chester, Maryland... Perth, Western Australia, Australia...

Oh, what a beautiful morning... becomes even more beautiful when you give!

22 March 2013

Makin' a difference!

I hear it often.  To be honest, far too often. I hear people say, "Well what can we do?  That's politics for ya."

But it's not true.

A few days ago, Rep. John Kavanagh, village idiot, was about to propose a bill to the Arizona legislature.  He said his withdrawal was due to a typographical error.  Yeah, right.  More likely it was due to the appalling (and amazing) stupidity of its author.

So,  what was this bill?  Let's say a transgender woman has to use the bathroom.  But our ever intrepid policeman is there to check her.  He asks for her to present her papers - her original birth certificate!!
Even if she had full surgery, that wouldn't satisfy Rep. Kavanagh.  But she has to go, so she pushes past the policeman and relieves herself.

She might not have realized it, but she's in big trouble now.  The policeman hauls her in, an unsympathetic judge hears the case, and throws her into jail for six months.

All because she had to pee.

Fortunately, this hasn't happened yet.  What happens is that when you e-write, bad legislation is more likely to be killed, and good legislation is likely to be passed.

Contact your legislator.  Tell him/her that freedom to marry is freedom for all.  Tell him that two systems of taxation - one for heterosexuals and another for homosexuals - is unfair, and possibly unconstitutional.

Concord, North Carolina - Richard Hudson (R) - NC8
Stony Brook, New York - Tim Bishop (D) - NY1
Bixby, Oklahoma - Jim Bridenstine (R) - OK1
West Hartford, Connecticut - John Larson (D) - CT1
Moorhead, Minnesota - Collin Peterson (D) - MN7
Bloomington, Illinois - Aaron Schock (R) - IL18

As always, the above are picked at random via the Internet.  For the US, go to and enter your ZIP code.  For Canada, go to and follow the instructions.

22 February 2013

It's time... once more!!!

Earlier this week, I was so excited having a brief meeting at a town hall with my representative John Larson.  I said my bit - but now it's your turn.

I can't tell you adequately how much this will mean to you.  All I can say to you is to give it a try.  If you are prevented by work or distance, send an e-mail.   Even if your representative is initially opposed to what you have to say, one more person - one more voter - may make him or her think twice.

As for me, I'm for freedom.  Freedom to meet.  Freedom to marry.  Freedom to walk the streets unaccosted. Freedom to share a dinner without being kicked out.  Freedom to make love without the police ramming down your door. Freedom to visit your sick partner.  Freedom to say a final farewell.

This is what gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender deserve.

This is what we should demand.

Mountain View, California - Anna Eshoo (D) - CA18
College Station, Texas - Bill Flores (R) - TX17
Jersey City, New Jersey - Albio Sires (D) - NJ8
Albuquerque, New Mexico - Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) - NM1
Stony Brook, New York - Tim Bishop (D) - NY1
Concord, North Carolina - Richard Hudson (R) - NC8
San Luis Obispo, California - Lois Capps (D) - CA24
Two Rivers, Wisconsin - Thomas Petri (R) - WI6
Carroll, Iowa - Steve King (R) - IA4
Dorval, Quebec(CAN) - Isabelle Morin (NDP) - Notre Dame de Grace - Lachine

This is an Internet sampling of places in the US and Canada.  US residents, please go to and enter your ZIP code.  Canadian residents, please go to and enter your directions.

01 February 2013

I'm putting MY name down... are you?

This week, I saw two petitions which I gladly put my name onto. The first was one regarding the beautiful Vicki Marlane, who passed away last year.  Petitioners there were letting the mayor and city council know that one of the streets should be renamed "Vicki MarLane".  The other was far more repugnant - Atlanta legislators are allowing "No gays allowed " signs in front of their businesses... in fact, if you can't afford one, (!) the state of Georgia will pitch in and buy one for you!!! (out of your tax money, of course)

No... this not a misprint.

Many people here in the United States believe mistakenly that they have the right to vote, but not much else.  But what does the Constitution say?

(First Amendment)  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
(boldface italic mine, source Wikipedia)

See that? That's your right, from the day you can scrawl your name until the day you die.

I am urging that you go to Congress and urge them to grant the full right of marriage to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people; to have equal taxation regardless of heterosexual or homosexual status, to visit one another in hospitals or nursing homes, and to say a final farewell in a funeral home and the spot where they will be interred.

You can do this by e-mailing your Congressperson.  To make this even easier, simply copy the preceding paragraph, and print this in the body section of your Congressperson's e-mail.

It's that simple - and that profound.

Pleasantville, New Jersey - Frank LoBiondo (R) - NJ2
Mount Vernon, New York - Eliot Engel (D) - NY16
Boise, Idaho - Mike Simpson (R) - ID2
Concord, North Carolina - Richard Hudson (R) - NC8
Lake St. Louis, Missouri - Blaine Luetkemeyer (R) - MO3
Willimantic, Connecticut - Joe Courtney (D) - CT2
Elkton, Virginia - Bob Goodlatte (R) - VA6
Plattsburgh, New York - Bill Owens (D) - NY21
Seattle, Washington - Jim McDermott (D) - WA7
Renton, Washington - Adam Smith (D) - WA9

The preceding are samples from the Internet.  To find out who your legislator is, go to and enter your ZIP code in the box indicated.

To my Canadian friends go to and search from there.

08 December 2012


Saw Lincoln today... quite moving... here's what's happening... Orlando, Florida... Needham, Massachusetts... Norwalk, Connecticut... San Diego, California... Saugerties, New York... Humansville, Missouri...  Napa, California... Colchester, Essex, England, UK... San Francisco, California... New York, New York...  Amarillo, Texas... Concord, North Carolina... Quezon, Nueva Ecija, Philippines... Zephyrhills, Florida... Guelph, Ontario, Canada... Lynnwood, Washington...  Rochester, New Hampshire...  Zaventem, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium... Villas, New Jersey... Erkner, Brandenburg, Germany...  Toronto, Ontario, Canada... Arlington Heights, Illinois... Taoyuan, Hunan, China... Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain... Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India... Torrance, California... Berlin, Germany... Kingston, Saint Andrew, Jamaica...  New Haven, Connecticut... APO, Armed Forces Europe, Spring, Texas... Terre Haute, Indiana...

Hey, if both Barack Obama and Chris Christie both endorse something, it must be good!  Support the American Red Cross and lessen the impact of Hurricane Sandy!