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19 March 2019

11 December 2018

civil rights - Denying transgender identity has serious impact on mental health

Bethany Grace Howe
The Conversation

University of Oregon
Eugene, OR


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02 March 2013


I can't believe how fast the snow has melted!  Here's what's happening... Bozeman, Montana... York, England, UK... Mountain View, California... Sale, Cheshire, England, UK... Mound,
Minnesota...  Chicago, Illinois... San Francisco, California... Mukwonago, Wisconsin... Moreno Valley, California... Asheville, North Carolina... Eugene, Oregon... Torrance, California... Rome,
Lazio, Italy... Ivins, Utah... Reading, England, UK... Tel Aviv, Israel... Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy... Stony Brook, New York... Dallas, Texas... Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium... Lake Havasu
City, Arizona... Lady Lake, Florida... Rochester, New York... Île-perrot, Quebec, Canada... Guildford, Surrey, England, UK... Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada... Istanbul, Turkey...
Edmonton, Alberta... Portland, Oregon...

Yeah. I know my pal Gerry will harp on me (the song is American, not Irish) but I know when Irish eyes will really be smiling... give to the American Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders!  (or both!)

01 March 2013

Didn't think it could happen, did you?

When Barack Obama sent a brief to the Supreme Court advocating same-sex marriages, it was an earth-shaking moment.  But when George W. Bush sent a letter advocating the same thing... whoa.

Think of that.  Barack Obama and George W. Bush and Joe Biden and Dick Cheney... extraordinarily powerful men with very different viewpoints... come to agreement on same-sex marriage.

It used to be that same-sex marriages were a matter of liberal vs. conservative.  No more.  Now they're a matter of liberal and conservative vs. troglodyte.

Don't let your representative be a troglodyte.  E-mail 'em.

Torrance, California - Maxine Waters(D) - CA43
Ivins, Utah - Chris Stewart (R) - UT2
Mountain View, California - Anna Eshoo (D) - CA18
Eugene, Oregon - Peter DeFazio (D) - OR4
Stony Brook, New York - Tim Bishop (D) NY1
Dallas, Texas - Eddie Bernice Johnson (D  - TX30
Lake Havasu City, Arizona - Paul Gosar (R) - AZ4
Mound, Minnesota - Erik Paulsen (R) - MN3
Lady Lake, Florida - Richard Nugent (R) - FL11
Rochester, New York - Louise Slaughter (D) - NY25

The  selection above  is chosen at random through the Internet.  To determine who your representative is, go to and enter your ZIP code. In Canada, go to and follow the directions from there.  

18 January 2013

your help is needed...

In case it didn't register with you, I'll say it again:  In Newtown, at Sandy Hook elementary school, twenty seven lives were lost.  Gone. Never, never to return.

Think about that.  Then think about the thousands of lives that are taken around the country.

When morons such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others put their opinions out, one of two things happen:

1)   You e-write your representative and say, "I don't give a flying fart what that idiot thinks, I'm for sensible gun control, and so are my neighbors," ;or...

2)   You say nothing; and your representative assumes that Limbaugh , Beck and the other clowns are forcing their hand, so he reluctantly opposes gun control.

What do you do?

Pataskala, Ohio - Pat Tiberi (R) - OH12
Mountain View, California - Anna Eshoo (D) - CA18
Newport Beach, California - Dana Rohrabacher (R) - CA48
Eugene, Oregon - Peter DeFazio (D)  - OR4
San Francisco, California - Nancy Pelosi (D) - CA12
Delano, Minnesota - Michele Bachmann (R) - MN6
Houston, Texas - Gene Green (D) - TX29
Lexington, South Carolina - Joe Wilson (R) - SC2
Palmerton, Pennsylvania - Matt Cartwright (D) - PA17
Pflugerville, Texas - Bill Flores (R) - TX17

The above towns and cities were randomly selected by the Internet.  To find out who your representative is in the House of Representatives, go to and enter your ZIP code.