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28 April 2016

The Pearl of Africa: An Interview with Africa's First Openly Transgender Star Cleopatra Kambugu

Les Fabian Brathwaite


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23 April 2014

Persecution of UgandaĆ¢€™s Gays Intensifies as Rights Groups Go Underground (UK)

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ezs note:  Don't just passively read this article - protest!  E-write President Mousevi and the ambassador and tell them that human rights abuses will NOT be tolerated!

15 November 2013

Gay Ugandan Activists Arrested, Detained Without Charge


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ezs note: Mr. Samuel K. Ganafa is being held without charge by the Ugandan government.  This is an outrage, and it must be stopped NOW.  Please e-mail the Ugandan embassy, and let them know Mr. Ganafa must be released immediately.  Furthermore, Mr. Ganafa's property must not be touched unless there is solid evidence of a crime having been committed there.  Thanks.