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15 November 2013

Gay Ugandan Activists Arrested, Detained Without Charge


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ezs note: Mr. Samuel K. Ganafa is being held without charge by the Ugandan government.  This is an outrage, and it must be stopped NOW.  Please e-mail the Ugandan embassy, and let them know Mr. Ganafa must be released immediately.  Furthermore, Mr. Ganafa's property must not be touched unless there is solid evidence of a crime having been committed there.  Thanks.

28 January 2011

Violence erupts at funeral of Ugandan activist (WGLB)


EZS note:  Please, if you or someone you know is of
Ugandan descent, let their voice be heard LOUD
AND CLEAR!!!  There should be no mercy for this
heinous act of murder.  They should be punished to
the FULL extent of the law.