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23 March 2020

Alabama - Human Rights Watch Letter Re: House Bill 303 and Health Care for Transgender and Intersex Children

Zama Neff
Human Rights Watch

Jazz Jennings

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ezs note:  Alabamians - as you can see, Zama Neff has written a fine letter against HB 303.  All you need do is write a few lines, followed by Ms. Neff's letter.  Please remember to ewrite your state legislator and state senator.  Thanks.  

08 December 2018

Zambia - Intersex, Transgender People in Zambia Self-Administer Hormones to Avoid Discrimination and Arrest

Prudence Phiri
Global Press Journal

Lusaka, Zambia


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ezs note:  There are two things you can do to alleviate the problems transgender/intersex people have:

1)  If you a doctor experienced with hormones, spend some time in Zambia;

2)  Especially if you are planning a trip to Zambia, e-write or call the Ambassador.  In the US, the Ambassador is Dr. Ngosa Simyakula. E-write a polite letter regarding the plight of transgender/intersex Zambians.  

02 December 2018

civil rights - Photos: Rally for transgender rights features peace, love

Collin Gaddie

Oklahoma State Capitol
Oklahoma City, OK


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19 October 2018

21 September 2018

Kenya - Meet the activists fighting for transgender rights in Kenya

Amy Ashenden

Nairobi, Kenya


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04 October 2016

Intersex—seeking the beauty in difference

Martha Henriques
Medical XPress


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ezs note:   This is a long but worthy piece.  If you are intersex or know someone who is, I urge you to read this.

03 November 2015

HRC Global Attends ILGA-Europe Conference

HRC Global


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29 September 2015

06 September 2015

Conference Countdown 2015: Transgender and intersex health charter (UK)

Caron Lindsay
Liberal Democrat Voice


22 August 2015

06 August 2015

03 July 2015