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15 March 2019

civil rights - Tennessee lawmakers advance transgender 'bathroom bill'

Associated Press
NBC News

Nashville, TN
Tennessee State Capitol


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29 September 2018

civil rights - Texas governor says 'bathroom bill' no longer on his agenda

Jon Herskovitz

Big Bend National Park (Texas)


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25 April 2018

Vermont - Senate advances gender-neutral bathroom bill

Mike Faher

Vermont state Senate (interior)


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22 March 2018

Tennessee - Transgender Bathroom Bill Is Back

Toby Sells
Memphis Flyer


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02 February 2018

Transgender ‘bathroom bill’ introduced in Iowa House, though support lags

Brianne Pfannenstiel, Courtney Crowder
Des Moines Register

Conservatives make their voices heard...


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28 September 2017

16 August 2017

08 August 2017

Texas Transgender Bathroom Bill Falters Amid Mounting Opposition

David Montgomery
The New York Times


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ezs note:  Texans - despite the funny drawing up top, it's always good to be diligent.  Call your State Senator AND State Representative and tell them to vote NO on this horrible bill.  Thanks.

01 July 2017

27 May 2017

Patrick, Straus Deadlocked Over 'Bathroom Bill'



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ezs note:  Keep Texas informed!  Whether you can only afford five bucks or become a sustaining member, it really helps.  Click   .

26 May 2017

Legislature endangers all Texas children with ‘bathroom bill’ myopia

Editorial Board
my Statesman

Backwards?  Nah... just really, really stupid.


04 April 2017

27 March 2017

Montana transgender bathroom bill killed in committee; ballot initiative vowed

Holly K. Michels
Independent Record


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ezs note:  Montanans - great job getting this bill killed!  Just one more thing to do.  Tell your friends, neighbors, and coworkers what an idiotic petition this  would be,  Kick 'em to the curb!