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13 February 2018

17 WTF Items From Donald Trump's Budget

Tim Dickinson
Rolling Stone


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23 May 2017

16 March 2017


John Cassidy
The New Yorker


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ezs note:  This is your chance to call.  (You can e-mail, but calling is much better.)  You can find out who your Congressperson is by looking at If you are unsure of who your Congressperson is, enter your ZIP code in the upper right corner.  Remember, it is doubly important if your Congressperson is a Republican.  Together, let's slay Voldemort!

11 April 2012

The Federal Budget and Gay and Transgender Families: Not All Families Are Equal Under the Law

*more here*
*ezs note*  This is a very exhaustive article, complete with notes.  You may consider it daunting to read the entire piece (with notes) but it's also a quite rewarding one.  With that, happy reading!