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28 January 2019

Ohio - Ohio’s new GOP guv signs order against anti-LGBT discrimination

Chris Johnson
Washington Blade

Cedarville, OH


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08 November 2018

lead story - Ohio professor sues school, doesn't want to use transgender students' pronouns

Cameron Knight

Cincinnati, OH


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ezs note:  Prof. Meriwether - I know you're all smart n' shit, but please tell me where Jesus used the word "gender" in his writings.  I dunno, maybe I missed it.

12 October 2018

lead story - Columbus Welcomes First Transgender Health Center In Ohio


Brewery District, Columbus, OH


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22 July 2018

28 June 2018

lead story - Proposed Ohio law would force teachers to 'out' transgender youth

Briana Harper


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ezs note:  "My God, what a dick..."  Yeah, I hear you.  Well, if you live near Cincinnati or Mason, you can do something.  If you live near Tom Brinkman  (District 27) or Paul Zeltwanger (District 54) you can help by volunteering for their opponent.  Let's help by circumcising the dick. 

01 June 2018

Zanesville, Ohio

estimated transgender population:  148*
(rounded up)


ezs note:  Well, do you like bridges?  In particular, old bridges?  Zanesville, Ohio has the only Y-bridge extant from its original building at the confluence of the Licking and Muskingum rivers.  Come on... it's worth at least a crossing!

26 May 2018

Ohio - Gender dysphoria: Ohio bill protects parental rights

Kiley Crossland
Baptist Press


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ezs note:  Oh, great.  A man sticks his schlong into his wife/girlfriend's vagina, and suddenly they're "experts'.  Listen, there's a world of difference between advice from great aunt Gertrude and someone who's actually studied six to eight years.  There's also a difference between consent and informed consent.  Ohioans, urge your state representative and state senator to vote NO on this stupid bill.

22 January 2018

Ohio Lawmaker Says LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill Now Has Corporate Support

Andy Chow

Lakewood, Ohio
(home of Rep. Nickie Antonio)


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23 December 2017

18 November 2017

Tallmadge, Ohio

estimated transgender population: 102*
(rounded up)


ezs note:  The unique spoke design is quite remarkable, so come on over to Tallmadge, Ohio to see the view!  

01 July 2017

Springboro, Ohio


ezs note:  Yay, Springboro!  You can be proud!  

15 February 2017

ACLU Profiles Transgender Ohioans in New Video Series

Eric Sandy


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17 November 2016

15 October 2016

Transgender woman found dead in Cleveland misgendered in early reports (UK)

Meka Beresford
Pink News

Brandi Bledsoe

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ezs note:  Please, if you travel in or reside in the Cleveland area, and you have any information on Brandi Bledsoe's murder, call the Cleveland police department at 216-623-5000.

Rest in peace, Brandi...