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01 January 2017

Texas Judge Halts Federal Transgender Health Protections

Paul J. Weber


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ezs note:  Well, I do see one solution here.  Don't go to a conservative "Christian" doctor... for any reason.  

18 May 2016

Gov. Sam Brownback rejects federal guidance on transgender students

Tim Carpenter


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ezs note:  Once again, read the freakin' document...

18 October 2015

Transgender Canadians Speak Out On Federal Election Issues (Canada)

Al Donato
Huffington Post Canada


11 August 2015

Meet Canada’s only transgender federal election candidate (Canada)

Sheena Goodyear
Yahoo! News


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11 April 2012

The Federal Budget and Gay and Transgender Families: Not All Families Are Equal Under the Law

*more here*
*ezs note*  This is a very exhaustive article, complete with notes.  You may consider it daunting to read the entire piece (with notes) but it's also a quite rewarding one.  With that, happy reading!