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02 November 2017

14 August 2015

Transgender people face high suicide risks

Laura Ungar
The Courier-Journal


ezs note:  If you or someone you know is feeling desperate or suicidal, there is something you can do!  Seek counseling from a competent professional.  One way to tell is seeking professionals from the American Psychological Association.  Another way is to seek out Schools in Transition.  Although it's a handbook for parents and teachers, students from 9 to 12 will find it equally valuable.

31 October 2010

Suicide rates in the transgender community see alarming spike (DNA India [India])

It’s hard to miss her wide smile, deep dark kohl-rimmed eyes, and her swift moves, negotiating the heavy traffic, as she goes about begging in her broken English on Commercial Street on a Friday afternoon. (more above)