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03 October 2011

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) releases new, improved standards of care

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ezs note:  Like I said before, the document (WPATH) is very important.  Either click the .pdf file, or click on the banner which reads "WPATH Standards of Care".  The document is long, but well worth it.

28 September 2011

WPATH Standards of Care (

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ezs note:  I know it's long, but this document is extremely important.  Transgenders, parents, teachers, counselors and friends/acquaintances- all will benefit from this.  

26 September 2011

Excerpts from WPATH standards of care 7 (

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ezs note:  Despite what "experts" tell you, this is the word  of eminent doctors, physicians, and psychiatrists.  In a few words, you ain't crazy.  To pursue this, the words are a bit scholarly for the layperson, but it's well worth it.