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07 May 2020

civil rights - HRC Mourns Nina Pop, Black Trans Woman Killed in Missouri

Elliott Kozuch

Sikeston, MO
Harold E. Comstock (born in Sikeston)

please press:

ezs note:  As before, this blog notes the murder of Nina Pop, except that this one has a photograph of her.  Please, take a second look.  If you recognize her and witnessed her murder, please call 573-471-8568. Thanks.     

08 December 2013

Two violent deaths in two days worry Cleveland transgender community

 Ron Rutti

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ezs note: Two transgender people - one of whom was disabled and living a senior complex - were brutally murdered over the last few nights.  If you live in Cleveland, or have business or pleasure there, and you know about either one of these murders, please contact Cleveland police immediately!  It's time to make these vermin shake in their boots!

 Their names are Brittany Stergis and Betty Skinner. 

27 January 2013

FDA attempt to curb prescription drug deaths concerns transgender individuals - J. SKYLER ROBINSON -

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ezs note:  My best advice in taking prescription medication is to seek the advice of your doctor - but not just any doctor.  If she/he has never treated a transgender patient, and/or has not specialized in transgender concerns, it might be best to find someone else.