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11 April 2017

Censure the President

Kevin D. Williamson
National Review


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25 March 2017

Donald Trump takes 12th golf trip since becoming President nine weeks ago

Niamh McIntyre
The Independent


ezs note:  To my conservative friends, Donald Trump has wasted 36 million dollars playing golf.  Just a friendly reminder.

Thanks, Donald.  Glad to see you're watching the budget like a hawk.

02 March 2017

Here are 42 of President Donald Trump's planned EPA budget cuts

Rob Davis
The Oregonian


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ezs note:  If you are pissed enough at the gutting of the EPA, go to and sound off to your Representative that the EPA should be fully funded.  

28 February 2017

President Obama Put an All-Gender Bathroom in the White House. Trump Kept It

Zeke J Miller, Katy Steinmetz


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26 February 2017

24 February 2017

Of course CPAC fawned over President Donald Trump. They helped create him

Kate Aronoff
The Guardian


18 January 2017

Thank you, President Obama!


19 December 2016

04 December 2016

Donald J. Trump is president; What have we done?

Marsha Shearer


14 April 2016

'Street freaks:' Mobile County Commission president sounds off on public restroom issue

Lawrence Specker /


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ezs note:  Wow... couldn't have said it better myself...

24 July 2015

President Obama makes history with Africa visit

Baltimore Post-Examiner


16 June 2015

Would a President Graham lift the transgender military ban?


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30 May 2015

18 April 2015