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13 April 2016

Halifax theatre alters Shrek musical after transgender person walks out (Canada)

Keith Doucette
CFJC Today


please press:

22 August 2012

Gender non-conforming person murdered in Cincinnati - (news release) -

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ezs note:  The name of the person who was murdered  was Kendall L. Hampton of Cincinnati.  If you live in or travel through the city, and have information that police need to make an arrest, please call them immediately!  

The following cities or towns have also experienced murders of transgender people in the past year:  Washington, DC; Miami, Florida; Riviera Beach, Florida; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois(2); Oakland, California and Baltimore, Maryland.

Please help putting these vermin in jail!!!

15 January 2011

Person found stabbed to death in Minneapolis apartment (Star-Tribune)

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(Please, if you know anything - no matter how insignificant - about Krissy's murder, report it to the Minneapolis police.  The number is 612-692-TIPS. You could make a difference!!!

28 October 2010

Murdered transgender person was top human rights lawyer (Car Rentals [UK])

After the woman who pushed the ‘man in a dress’ under a train at King’s Cross Station Monday had appeared in court charged with murder, police revealed the identity of the victim. (more above)

23 October 2010

Transgender person jailed (Northern Star [Australia])

WHEN Bobby the horse and Italian greyhound Mexico were spotted ambling with their carer Martin Harwood by security at the Lismore Shopping Square, they were quickly nabbed by Lismore police. (more above)