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17 March 2018

Mom Shares Transgender Teen's Heartbreaking Suicide Note to Raise Awareness to Issues She Faced

Jason Duaine Hahn


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ezs note:  If you need help, PLEASE call 1-800-TALK/8255.  Thanks.

11 February 2018

Mom says Riverview church tried to pray the 'demon' from her transgender son

Aleanna Siacon
Detroit Free Press



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01 September 2017

I’ve told my mum I’m transgender, but she ignored it. What now? (UK)

Annalisa Barbieri
The Guardian


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ezs note:  In the UK, another resource can be found in Mermaids UK.  You can reach them at 0344 344 0550.

31 May 2017

Pearland mom of transgender child seeks meeting with Abbott

Mike Snyder

Houston Chronicle

Pearland, TX


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27 January 2017

Minnesota mom speaks out on court fight over transgender daughter's treatment



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ezs note:  Maybe I'm being too harsh, Ms. Calgaro. I do believe that you love your child.  But if your love is of a true kind, you must love your daughter, not a fantasy land.

13 April 2016

WATCH: Young Saskatchewan boy responds after Alberta mom raps criticism of transgender guidelines (Canada)

Caley Ramsay
Global News


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ezs note:  Way to go, Anthony!

29 January 2016

09 August 2015

Transgender child’s mom shares raw story of anguish and acceptance

Melissa Willets


28 April 2015

Hannah Wilson 'always made people laugh,' mom says

Vic Ryckaert



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ezs note:  Fortunately, a suspect has been apprehended.  Rest in peace, Hannah.

22 June 2013

Mom hopes transgender child will help others ‘be free’

 Francine Kopun

23 March 2011

Transgendered father gets prison time for beating kids because they won't call him 'mom' (New York Daily News)

(more in blue/above)
ezs note: This is, of course, a very troubling case.  (for example, the New York Daily 
News' moronic reporting style)  But suffice it to say she has no
right to beat, abuse, and/or starve her children.  EVER.