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09 July 2018

Donald Trump - Will Trump Be Meeting With His Counterpart — Or His Handler?

Jonathan Chait
New York


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ezs note:  Holy... freaking... crap.  This may very well be Trump's smoking gun.  Read it.  Read it again.  

This is the end... my only friend, the end... ♬

14 February 2018

24 November 2017

Bombshell report reveals new details about Trump's Oval Office meeting with Russians after he fired Comey

Eliza Relman
Business Insider


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ezs note:  Do you plan on being in Middletown, Connecticut on December 5? Then you might want to plan on this

05 October 2017

Donald Trump Apparently Thinks Meeting Mass Shooting Victims Is ‘Wonderful’

Lee Moran


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15 September 2017

31 May 2017

Pearland mom of transgender child seeks meeting with Abbott

Mike Snyder

Houston Chronicle

Pearland, TX


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11 May 2017

White House red-faced over pictures of Donald Trump meeting Russian Ambassador Sergey Lavrov (Australia)



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19 July 2016

Beyond Bathrooms — Meeting The Health Needs Of Transgender People

Mark A. Schuster, Sari A. Reisner, and Sarah E. Onorato
The Huffington Post


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23 February 2016

Daugaard: Transgender meeting 'helped me see things through their eyes'

Dana Ferguson /
Argus Leader


31 July 2015

Transgender woman sexually assaulted after meeting man on Facebook

Jeff Hager

Tavon James Horton


ezs note:  If you  see Tavon James Horton in a building or on the street in Baltimore, do not attempt to overcome him - he is considered very dangerous!  Rather, be smart and call the police at 410-307-2020.  Transgender men and women - no, I'm not asking you to don a nun's habit,  but for goodness sake, BE SMART! 

18 March 2015

Anti-Glenn protests about more than tax proposal

Tori Phelps & Kylie Wojciechowski
The Valley Vanguard