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12 August 2018

30 May 2016

26 August 2015

Gay, lesbian and transgender Ugandans face violent backlash

Katie G. Nelson


ezs note:  Yes, you can help!  Especially if you are going to Uganda on business or pleasure, you can take a few moments to e-write a polite yet firm letter to your Ambassador.  In the US, she is Ambassador Oliver Wonekha.  Her address is  For other countries, please contact to find them.  Thanks!

07 May 2014

''Walking While Woman'' and the Fight to Stop Violent Policing of Gender Identity

 Mike Ludwig

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ezs note:  You can make a difference as to how policing is done in your community. Go to the next town or city council meeting and ask how policing is carried out.  If they seem reticent, keep on bugging them!  If they still seem bullheaded, you can run!

08 December 2013

Two violent deaths in two days worry Cleveland transgender community

 Ron Rutti

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ezs note: Two transgender people - one of whom was disabled and living a senior complex - were brutally murdered over the last few nights.  If you live in Cleveland, or have business or pleasure there, and you know about either one of these murders, please contact Cleveland police immediately!  It's time to make these vermin shake in their boots!

 Their names are Brittany Stergis and Betty Skinner.