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12 September 2019

Florida - Florida education news: Charter schools, transgender rights, public comment and more

Jeffrey S. Solochek
Tampa Bay Times

Sen. Samuel Pasco
Pasco County

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ezs note:  If you live within Pasco County, Florida, and you're pissed off about a scrapping of 'best practices' guide, write an email, or better yet, go to a board meeting and talk there.  Hey, conservative folks have a hearing - but they don't have a right to a monopoly.  Let your voice be heard.

02 July 2018

Donald Trump - Perhaps the least surprising news you'll read all day: Trump's FART Act stinks to high heaven

Jon Healey
Los Angeles Times


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30 December 2016

SDGLN's top local news stories of 2016

George Vernon


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10 September 2016

Dear Abby: Breaking transgender news to parents

Abigail Van Buren
The Southern Illinoisan


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19 August 2015

Bad Excuses For Misgendering Transgender Victims Of Violence

Carlos Maza
Media Matters for America


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10 May 2015

02 August 2014

Honduras news captures two men beating a trans woman

Liam Johnson

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ezs note:  Chiefs of police:  in case you haven't checked the calendar lately, this is 2014, not 1914.  This means the police you hire are supposed to be professionals, not knuckledragging goofballs.  Just a hint.