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01 June 2016

Kansas Senate condemns directive on transgender students, school bathrooms


please press:

ezs note:  If you just skimmed over the pic, take a closer look, please.  It's such a gem!

17 January 2014

U.S. Condemns Murder Of Transgender Teen Joseph Sanchez

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ezs note:  Please, take another look at the photograph of Joseph Sanchez.  If you vacation in Belize, or live there, and have information about the murder, please contact the police immediately!!  Thanks so much.

30 June 2013

Transgender Activist Condemns Actions of OutServe-SLDN Board Leadership


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29 August 2012

Human Rights Commission Condemns Kidnapping and Murder of Transgender in Honduras -

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ezs note:  Sadly, another transgender woman, named Barbarita, was murdered.  If you live in, or travel to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and you even think you might know something, do the right thing and notify the police immediately!

Don't let this vermin get away with it!!