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10 September 2018

08 October 2017

Census considering removal of sex question over discrimination against transgender and non-binary people (UK)

Rachel Roberts


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ezs note:  Believe it or not, I do respect Germaine Greer's work, despite our differences.  However, I would respectfully suggest that, for a start, she read transgender history in Wikipedia.  From ancient Assyria to the present day, transgender history is part of history, no matter how we wish to cover it up.

"She had no preconceived notion of backward or primitive, no prejudice equal to my blind assumption of superiority.  I stopped trying to teach her and began to learn from her instead.  (italics mine)

     Germaine Greer, Introduction

04 September 2017

03 November 2016

04 October 2016

28 June 2015

For Mennonites, Question Of LGBT Membership Yields Few Easy Answers

Emily Reddy


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18 March 2014


The question of ideal beauty, incarnated in breathing male beings, or eternalized in enduring works of art, was leading me to a precipice, from which no exit seemed possible except in suicide what I then considered sin.

     - John Addington Symonds

'To Quote A Queer'