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03 January 2019

lead story - Mother works toward understanding of transgender son

Lori Zink
Des Moines Register

Marshalltown, Iowa


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16 June 2018

civil rights - City commission works toward raising LGBT score

Nicole Roberts
News Tribune

Jefferson City, MO


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20 January 2018

One Year After Joining the Women’s March in Atlanta, Transgender Woman Works as City Council Member


Doraville station


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ezs note:  Are YOU the next one to be elected to the council?  Could be...

18 March 2014


The question of ideal beauty, incarnated in breathing male beings, or eternalized in enduring works of art, was leading me to a precipice, from which no exit seemed possible except in suicide what I then considered sin.

     - John Addington Symonds

'To Quote A Queer'