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02 December 2019

lead story - Obesity persists as surgery barrier among transgender adults

TG Martinson

obese male

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ezs note:  Yeah, I admit it - obesity is my bugaboo.  But it's also one that I'm determined to fight.  Weight Watchers seems to be working out well for me.  However, I also know that I'm just attending one meeting.  If one attendee is being snotty, speak up!  Remember, it's YOUR life that you're trying to make better.

23 April 2019

lead story - Transgender adults have higher risk of poor health, U.S. study finds


Yamai no soshi, late 12th cent.
(author unknown)

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ezs note:  Yeah, I know.  Life sucks, but it doubly sucks when you're transgender.  Whether you've got anorexia (low fat), bulimia (overweight), smoke cigarettes, or use other harmful drugs (legal or illegal), they can seem calming.  I know firsthand.  I'm dangerously overweight - but today I'm determined to lose weight. I've gone to Weight Watchers.  I'm not trying to tout them, but please use a program that is safe and effective.  Whatever difficulties you face, I wish you the best. 

31 May 2017

4 Your Health: Transgender adults face health woes; men tight-lipped about health

Sean Mooney


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ezs note: 1- If you are not seeing an understanding physician, get one.  2- When you see that doctor, TALK.  I did, and I'm very grateful.