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22 November 2010

Transgender Puerto Rican woman’s alleged murderer to stand trial (Edge New England) (Yes!)

To Ms. Ocasio:

I know that the loss of your daughter might not be one that you will heal from. I hope that in some small way that the man being brought to justice will help. Please know that we all care for you, even though we might not know you personally.

Warmest regards,


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23 August 2010

Catholic and transgender: one woman's confession (Edge Boston)

A Catholic blogger has taken on the question of transgendered individuals and their rights and needs in a two-part column at religious site Catholic Exchange. (more above)

Transgender N.S. woman's father a U.K. knight (CBC [Canada])

The transgendered woman attempting to gain refugee status in Nova Scotia is making headlines in her homeland of Northern Ireland, partially because she comes from a high-profile family. (more above)