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18 May 2017

On Robert Mueller, an Angry Trump Breaks From Republicans

David Catanese
US News and World Report


ezs note:  Hey, Donald, for once I think you're quite right.  Your administration, no matter how hard it tries, seems unable to forge the unity that you so desperately want. Fortunately, I have an idea.  Leave.  Leave now.  Leave for good. That way, the White House will be cleansed of the universe's biggest asshole.

16 January 2017

What’s Anxious and Angry? The World on the Eve of Trump

Steven Erlanger
The New York Times


please press:

07 March 2016

Christian Right Angry Over Haslam Administration's Opposition to Transgender Bathroom Bill

Jeff Woods
Nashville Scene


02 July 2015

Bangladeshi hijras angry over gender testing for government positions

Aljazeera America


11 June 2015

LGBT Voices for #BlackLivesMatter

The Huffington Post


21 August 2010

Hedwig and the angry itch {review} (Edinburgh Reviews [Scotland])

Sometimes a venue and a gig go together like Michael Jackson’s hand and a white sparkly leather glove. (more above)