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15 March 2017

07 December 2016

5 Times Donald Trump Made False or Unsubstantiated Claims

Serena Marshall


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ezs note:  In other words, Donald Trump is a pathological liar.  And if you believed him, you were snookered.

16 November 2016

Transgender woman claims vandals spray-painted her car with hate speech

Anica Padilla


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07 December 2015

12 September 2015

Lawsuit Claims Minn. Woman is Denied Health Care Because She's Transgender

Brett Hoffland


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24 December 2013

Transgender man’s suit claims Georgia jail ignored rape by corrections officer


*more here*

ezs note:  Fortunately, this vile 'corrections officer' is getting what he deserves.  If you are a corrections officer who is a witness to such things, please turn him in.  Inmates deserve fair treatment too!!!