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01 April 2017

Carver High students research transgender housing discrimination

Shella' Smith

Shella' Smith, left


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ezs note:  Shella' Smith for state rep!  Yay!

23 March 2017

Transgender College Freshmen Drink and Black Out More Than Other Students

Diana Tourgee


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ezs note:  If you think that alcoholic beverages are a problem that you might not be able to handle, there are several options you might want to consider.  For a religious-based approach, there is always AA.  For a non-religious-based approach, check your website.  Depending on the severity of your difficulty, a trained counselor may recommend a 30-day program.

13 March 2017

What’s Next for Gay and Transgender Students?

Elaine Korry
Youth Today


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30 November 2016

Educators Say Parental Rights Bill Could Harm Trust With Students

Aliyya Swaby


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30 October 2016

Alliance has 'gay 'ol time'

Keith Kennedy
The Torch


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01 June 2016

Kansas Senate condemns directive on transgender students, school bathrooms


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ezs note:  If you just skimmed over the pic, take a closer look, please.  It's such a gem!

22 May 2016

Transgender Teacher Steps Out To Students

Kathleen Megan
Hartford Courant


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15 April 2016

18 March 2016

Brown U. Students Protest Black Transgender Speaker Because Jewish Group Invited Her

Robby Soave


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ezs note:  Congratulations, nitwits.  You just kept the most influential African-American transwoman away from one of the most influential universities on North America... if not the entire planet.  Hope you're happy.

F&$*ing morons...

04 March 2016

Catholic Prep School: No Transgender Students

Samantha Allen
The Daily Beast


ezs note:  Yeah, how Christian of you...

21 November 2015

Students and staff honor victims of transgender violence at vigil

Rishika Dugyala

The Daily Northwestern