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03 January 2019

11 December 2018

10 December 2018

lead story - School Districts Expand Gender Options To Include Transgender And Nonbinary Students

Meg Anderson

Washington DC
The American University


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19 September 2017

10 January 2016

Legislative Issues Set To Include Abortion, Ethics And Hemp



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ezs note:  South Dakotans - It's listed about halfway down, but moronic legislators are trying to force transgender students to use their biological bathroom in school, no matter how uncomfortable it makes them.  Tell your legislators to say NO to this idiotic bill.  Oh, and turn Reps. Fred Deutsch and Jim Bolin out on their ear in November!

09 November 2015

08 November 2015

Opera Colorado "Aida" review; new season to include transgender theme

Ray Mark Rinaldi
Denver Post


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