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11 March 2019

lead story - Detroit pastor charged in death of transgender woman due in court

Brian Newlin
Click On Detroit

Detroit, MI


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11 December 2018

14 August 2018

lead story - Man accused of shooting transgender woman at Detroit gas station bound over for trial

Nick Monacelli

Detroit, MI


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ezs note:  If you are the one who tipped the police, thank you!  

14 December 2017

2 men to stand trial in shooting of transgender woman

Oralander Brand-Williams
The Detroit News


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15 March 2017

08 March 2017


Jelani Cobb
The New Yorker


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22 February 2017

08 February 2017

Man bound for trial in shooting of transgender woman

Oralander Brand-Williams
The Detroit News


17 February 2016

09 August 2015

Transgender woman fatally shot in Detroit; motive unknown

Gus Burns

Amber Monroe


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ezs note:  Sadly, Amber Monroe was lynched last night.  If you live in the area of Detroit, Michigan, or you travel there in business or pleasure, please call 313-267-4600.

03 November 2012


Tuesday is Election Day... don't waste your vote!  Here's what's happening...  Saint James, New York... Kingston, New York...  Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia... North Hollywood, California... Bixby, Oklahoma... Zaventem, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium... Wellston, Ohio... Detroit, Michigan... Sunnyvale, California... Gretz-armainvilliers, Ile-de-France, France... Largo, Florida... Bellbrook, Ohio... Duluth, Minnesota... Asheville, North Carolina... Mountain View, California... Houston, Texas... Bentonville, Arkansas... Preston, Lancashire, England, UK... Berlin, Germany... London, England, UK... San Francisco, California... Watton, Norfolk, England, UK... Evergreen Park, Illinois... Raleigh, North Carolina... Raleigh, North Carolina... Dehli, India... Charlotte, North Carolina... Eagle, Idaho... Pittsford, New York... Les Peintures, Aquitaine, France... Beaumont, Texas... Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada... Joshua, Texas... Austin, Texas... Chandigarh, India... Roelofarendsveen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands... San Antonio, Texas... Moscow, Moscow City, Russia...


01 November 2012

Let 'em have it - by e-mail!

I'm one of the lucky few - I live in the Northeast.  Many of those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender aren't so fortunate. This isn't a matter of "conservative" or "liberal" - it's a matter of basic human rights.  The right to marry.  The right to hold hands. The right to comfort each other. The right to visit the other partner in the hospital.  The  right to say a final farewell in the cemetery.

Y'know, little stuff like that.

Tell your representative that you want these rights to be universal and irrevocable.  PERIOD.

Detroit, Michigan - Hansen Clarke (D) - MI13
Houston, Texas -  Sheila Jackson-Lee (D) - TX18
Bentonville, Arkansas - Steve Womack (R) - AR3
San Francisco, California - Nancy Pelosi (D) - CA8
Evergreen Hills, Illinois - Bobby Rush (R) - IL1
Wellston, Ohio - Bob Gibbs (R) - OH10
Sunnyvale, California - Anna G. Eshoo (D) - CA14
Largo, Florida- C.W. Bill Young (R) - FL10
Bellbrook, Ohio - Steve Austria (R) - OH7
Duluth, Minnesota - Chip Cravaak (R) - MN8

The preceding were samples.  To find out which representative is yours, go to and enter your ZIP code.  If you are near a border, or live in a heavily crowded area, you may need to provide additional information.